Empowering Shared Healthcare Decisions in Zionsville

Empowering Shared Healthcare Decisions in Zionsville

Empowering Shared Healthcare Decisions in Zionsville

Have you ever left a doctors office in Zionsville and thought to yourself:

  • "That didn't go how I thought it would"
  • "Why didn't they care about..."
  • "Why didn't I say what I mean or feel"
  • "That made things more confusing"

We understand this and have also experienced this ourselves.

Sometimes we too have left an office less empowered and with more questions than we went in with. We want to tell you that it is okay to feel this way. It can be hard to speak up. Sometimes it's difficult to understand what is going on when discussing issues with a provider. And sometimes we don't walk away with a solid idea of what the plan will be moving forward.

Studies that have examined the patient/doctor relationship have suggested that many patients feel that they can’t participate in shared decision-making. Because of this, many clinicians falsely assume that patients just don't want to be an active participant in these decisions and would prefer they just be told what to do.

Having the information in front of you does not mean that you fully understand what is going on with your body. This makes it difficult to discuss the available options for treatment, which can understandably be extremely frustrating.

How we address this dynamic at Foundations Chiropractic in Zionsville

We make sure that our office is a safe space for you to express how you feel, what you are thinking, and leave with a complete understanding of your condition and the agreed-upon treatment plan moving forward.

We base our care plans off of two key pillars to healthcare: clinical indicators and patient goals. Ultimately, we as chiropractors need to be on the same page as our patients to have the best outcome for all.

Our Clinical Indicators

These are the things we are looking for to help us understand your symptoms and the current state that your body is in. You are the professional when it comes to the way your body feels and it is more than okay to not be able to find the right words to describe it. It is important to know that most people have a difficult time describing things like this and we are experts at helping you find those pesky words to help us understand. Once we know exactly why you are feeling the way you are - we will know if chiropractic care can help you or if another provider might be a better fit.

Your Goals

Having specific goals when it comes to health and healthcare is important. Whether your goals are to improve your body's function, be able to play with your kids, be able to do a weekend's worth of yard work without regretting it later, or to simply maintain a healthy lifestyle - we respect those wishes. Having goals in place helps us best tailor a plan specific to helping you reach your goals moving forward. As with all goals, we need to have a proper plan in place of how we are going to achieve them.

Creating Understandable Care Plans

After gathering more data from our clinical indicators to determine the current state of your spine and nervous system and taking into account what your health goals are - we will be able to create an individualized course of action. Naturally, everyone has different goals and is at a different point in their healing journey. Therefore, everyone deserves to have a unique treatment plan specific to what they need.

We always encourage patients to ask for clarification or address any questions that you may have. Understanding is key in treatment and if some aspect of care does not make sense, we should not move forward until it is clear. Ultimately, knowledge is power and when it comes to your body you should have the power.

Chiropractor Zionsville IN Benjamin Hennes Danielle Hennes About the Author

About the Authors

Drs Danielle and Ben love providing chiropractic care to all ages and are especially passionate about taking care of entire families. Dr. Danielle focuses her practice on prenatal and pediatric care, while Dr. Ben focuses on athletes and families.

Dr. Danielle is certified in Webster’s technique and anticipates certification through the Academy of Family Practice Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics in 2021.

In their free time, you can find them at a farmers market, walking their dog Poppy, or trying out a new healthy recipe. Drs Ben and Danielle are lifelong learners and love to read and listen to podcasts to help bring the highest quality care to patients.

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