Supporting Digestion During the Holidays in Zionsville

Supporting Digestion During the Holidays in Zionsville

Supporting Digestion During the Holidays in Zionsville

Digestion and the Spine

Believe it or not... digestive relief in Zionsville sometimes starts with a healthy spine.

Because your digestive system is in such close communication with your nervous system, your spine can actually have a large effect on the function of your digestive system.

The nerves that come out along the spine in the thoracic and lumbar areas are responsible for communicating information to and from the brain that regulates the speed of how the food is actually broken down and digested.

Thus, health issues with the nerves in your spine can directly affect your digestion. For instance, we commonly find that patients who experience lower back issues also experience digestive issues. When there's an issue in the lower spine, it can affect the signals the nerves communicate to and from your digestive system.

How a Chiropractor in Zionsville can help Digestion

Subluxation can therefore affect the way vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are metabolized from your foods. Due to this, no matter how hard you try to keep a healthy diet, you can still deal with various digestive issues. It's best to care for the source of the problem by turning to your chiropractor and having your case assessed.

When you see a chiropractor they can correct the subluxations in your spinal vertebrae using their hand or other special advanced chiropractic tools.

How to Enjoy your Holidays While Keeping Healthy

When eating heavier foods during the holidays your body may also lose the balance of bacteria that it has created in the gut. Some great ways to help rebalance the microbiome of your gut are to eat foods high in probiotics like sauerkraut, and yogurt or to drink probiotic drinks like Kombucha.

Working out or simply taking a walk is also a great way to stimulate your gut and aid in better digestion by increasing blood flow and stimulating the "rest-and-digest" side of your nervous system.

It's ok to indulge in some of the less healthy holiday foods when celebrating with family and friends, just make sure you have a great rebalancing strategy.

Schedule yourself an appointment this early fall so you can stay ready for the holiday season.

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