Maximize 2021 with Zionsville Chiropractic!

Maximize 2021 with Zionsville Chiropractic!

Maximize 2021 with Zionsville Chiropractic!

New Year in Zionsville, New Me!

We all want 2021 to be better than 2020, right?

When we're setting our New Year's Resolutions in Zionsville, most people want to work on things like:

  • improving your diet
  • exercising more
  • developing a better sleep schedule
  • reading more
  • quitting bad habits

Self-improvement is something we're always working on and the start of a new year gives us the motivation to set new goals.

Start With the Basics: Your Health

Something that we recommend heavily to help you reach your goals is to start by getting your nervous system functioning at 100%.

Chiropractic adjustments help us take the best care of our nervous system. Chiropractic care does more for the body than just decreasing pain and improving our mobility (even though it's also awesome at that too!).

An intimate connection exists between the spine and the nervous system. When Chiropractors adjust the spine, it promotes the overall functionality of the nervous system and allows the brain and body to communicate more efficiently. More efficient communication between your brain and body means less energy is needed for the body to function. When you need less energy just to function, you won't feel so dragged down just from day-to-day life, and making positive health changes starts to become a lot easier.

Trying to reach high goals for yourself when your nervous system isn't functioning at 100% is like asking your body to learn a new trick with one hand tied behind your back.

Lay the Foundations First To Find Success in Your Goals

One of the foundational principles of Chiropractic is that the body has the ability to operate efficiently and has the powerful ability to heal and self-regulate. Nervous system interference occurs when abnormal spinal alignment interrupts communication from the brain to the body and the body to the brain. The entire healing system becomes less efficient and less effective when interference (what we call "subluxations") perpetuates over a long period of time.

True health is so much more than just the absence of disease. Just because you're not sick or not in pain, doesn't necessarily mean you're really healthy. Chiropractors focus on improving the function of the body and maximizing the entire potential that exists in each one of us.

We all have the potential to be our best selves and live our best life but sometimes we're fatigued, or unmotivated, or we lose focus. When we focus on optimizing the natural healing processes within the body, there is less stress on the body which in turn makes it easier to cope with life's other stresses.

Chiropractic is an important natural tool to help your body work more efficiently and effectively and makes healthier life choices easier to accomplish.

Start the new year off right by getting your nervous system functioning at 100%!

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About the Author

Dr. Danielle loves providing chiropractic care to all ages and is especially passionate about taking care of perinatal women and kids. Dr. Danielle is currently completing postdoctoral training in prenatal and pediatric care through the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association.

She is certified in Webster’s technique (a technique that focuses on balancing the pelvis during pregnancy) and anticipates certification through the Academy of Family Practice Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics in 2021.

In her free time, you can find Dr. Danielle at a farmers market, yoga class, or trying out a new healthy recipe. Dr. Danielle is forever a learner and spends much of her free time reading or listening to podcasts and audiobooks.

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